Our Virtual Museum - ERASMUS + (KA229) project.

gafas de realidad virtualEl IES Diego Torrente Pérez participa en el proyecto ERASMUS+ (KA229) como centro coordinador del proyecto «Our Virtual Museum». 

Los alumnos participantes en el proyecto intentarán integrar la historia y el arte con las nuevas tecnologías creando un mundo virtual simulado. Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías de Realidad Virtual el usuario final del proyecto podrá navegar por un museo virtual en el que poder admirar, observar y sobre todo aprender sobre las obras que en este caso serán explicativas con la interacción del usuario. 

Nuestro museo virtual contará con obras maestras de España, Eslovaquia, Italia y Portugal. Los estudiantes de los respectivos países colaborarán para crear diferentes contenidos multimedia permitiéndoles desarrollar nuevas capacidades y adquirir nuevos conocimientos en diferentes campos, todos unidos por un eje principal como es el arte.

In this project, students from Spain, Slovakia, Italy and Portugal will cooperate in creating different online and offline multimedia products, allowing them to gain insight and experience in different fields, but all linked to art. The participating schools are three general secondary and a vocational school, with similar problems in learning a foreign language, as well as a quite important drop-out rate, difficulties in inclusion of immigrant students and lack of motivation from our students. We plan to embrace diversity and use it as a motivator for our project participants, both students and teachers.
The students will learn about the importance of research, of asking questions and develop an understanding of our artists. They will practice descriptive writing in their language and a foreign language (English), photography, graphic design, as well as ICT skills, when they have to create and edit audios and videos about those artistic masterpieces. These activities will stimulate their creativity and innovation, above all using Virtual Reality. People will learn to access these materials in an interactive virtual exhibition, an European virtual museum with masterpieces from artists from each of our countries. They will interact these artistic works with mobile applications or just internet applications.


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